Resources For Homeowners With A Fireplace Or Stove

Below you will find articles that many people with a chimney, stove or fireplace often search for.  We will also list some useful tools and tips for woodcutters, as well as some fun facts related to chimney sweeps. Please feel free to link back to these articles or share on Facebook, twitter, and other social media.

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Stove Insert Resources

Firewood Resources

Resources For Stove/Insert Owners

We have found throughout the years that stove and insert owners have a standard set of questions when they first buy their appliance, and then a standard set of follow up questions after.  In these articles, we try to answer some of those questions in depth.

Many common questions when home owners visit our stove shop are about which fuel type to go with, or which brand is best.

However, once their stove has been installed, an entirely new set of questions come up. From the very first burn, we hear “Whats the best way to start a fire?” or “What do I do with my fireplace ashes?”.  After a few burns it becomes “How do I clean my stove/insert glass?”.  Later in the year, just before burning season, the questions shift to “Where do I buy firewood in the Cincinnati area?” or “How do I get free firewood?”.  Check out some of these articles to answer these common questions.

What to do with ashes from your fireplace/stove/insert.

How to clean your stove glass.

Where to purchase firewood in Cincinnati area.

Where To Find Free Firewood

Resources For Woodcutters/Firewood Resources

One of the most economical decisions you can make is to purchase a wood burning stove or insert and source your own firewood.  Sourcing, cutting, splitting and stacking your own firewood is a ton of work, but provides some serious exercise and while you get lighter, your wallet gets heavier from all of the money you save.  A friend of mine spends several weeks per year getting ready for winter, and he has something like 10 cords split and ready to go.  He has shared some advice, which I think every homeowner should know.   These articles will cover some of the basics.

We are assuming that you are not buying firewood here and are using your stove or insert as a secondary (or even primary) source of heat.  The first thing you will want to do is find out where to find free firewood.  Then we’ll move along to the basics like “How much wood is in a cord?” and “What is the best way to sharpen a chainsaw?”.  We’ll cover everything right down how to stack the firewood.  Take a look at these articles that provide expert advice to any potential lumberjacks out there.

Cord Calculator

Holz Hausen

Sharpening Chainsaws

Fun Chimney Sweep Facts

History Of Chimney Sweeps

Fun Facts About Chimneys And Fireplaces

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